Compression Sheets

Compression Sheets is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Compression Sheets following your specific requirement.
  • RGS expanded PTFE sheet as similar as GORE, KLINGER, TEADIT,etc. It is a universal sheet gasket material for most services, seals rough and irregular surfaces.

  • Teflon is featured by the best anti-chemical and dielectric properties among the already known plastics. It is also ageless, nonstick, and able to work from -180 ~ +260 degrees. RGS has three styles of PTFE sheets.

  • Quick Overview: RGS Manufactures all kinds of rubber sheets for your different requirements. The oil-resisting, acid and alkali-resisting, cold and heat-resisting, insulation, etc. We cut the sheets into various gaskets. You are welcome to contact with us to ask for quotations for any of the rubber sheets.

  • Graphite Sheet Reinforced with tanged metal insert is made from RGS B201 Flexible graphite sheet through specially pressing or sticking process. The insert materials can be SS304, SS316, Nickel, etc. It used in kinds of conditions, and various gaskets. .

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