Spun Kevlar Packing

Spun Kevlar Packing

Product number:RGS P302

Quick Overview: Spun Kevlar packing braided from high quality Dupont Kevlar fiber with PTFE impregnated and lubricant additive. Compared with other kinds of packings. It can resist more severe media and high pressure.

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Product Description

Aramid fiber packing is braided from high quality Dupont kevlar fiber with PTFE impregnated and lubricant additive. It shows good chemical resistance, high elasticity and very low cold flow. It can resist severe media and higher pressure. The packing is lubricated with silicone based compound for quick and easy break-in.

Spun Kevlar Packing
Item no.: RGSP302

* For hot water application it can be used uncooled up to 160 oC.
* It can be used as stand-alone packing also combined with others as anti-extrusion ring.
* Superior performance
* Lower frictional factor

Typical Application
* This is a universal packing which can be used for pumps in all types of industry.
* Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and sugar industries, pulp and paper mills, etc.
* A durable packing able to withstand granular and abrasive applications.

Technical Data


Dupont Aramid Fiber (with or without PTFE impregnated)

Temperature Range

-100 up to +280 oC



25 bar


100 bar


200 bar

Shaft Speed

25 m/s




Appr. 1.4 g/cm3