PTFE Envelope Gasket

PTFE Envelope Gasket

Product number:RGS1320

Quick Overview: PTFE Envelope, flexible materials insert. Wide working temperature range. Excellent weathering and aging characteristics

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Product Description

PTFE Envelope Gasket with core material of flexible materials (Asbestos; non-asbestos; rubber, etc.), which is wrapped by PTFE.

Item no.: RGS1320

PTFE Envelope Gasket
Item no.: RGS1320

* PTFE Envelope, flexible materials insert
* Wide working temperature range
* Excellent weathering and aging characteristics

Typical Application
It is mainly used as a gasket for tower, groove and all kinds of equipments of strong acid, halogen corrosive liquids or anti-contaminated food flanges. It is widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Styles of PTFE Envelope

RGS 1320Y: This is one of the most frequently used and economic types. It applies to use in every kind of occasion with lower temperature and lower pressure. Insert materials can be used by customers request.

RGS 1320UR: It applies to with large dimension gaskets which are used in the chemicals with poison.

RGS 1320UE: This type is used with the thick material embedded, it can reduce the innder flanges residue.

More PTFE Enveloped Shapes:

Temperature: -100~260oC
Max. Pressure: 50bar
Compressibility: >/=20%
Recovery: >/=30%
Stress release: Leakage rate: