Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket

Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket

Product number:RGS620

Quick Overview: It is one of the most innovative and creative gaskets. The graphite filler is nuclear grade flexible style. Sealing capability is ≤1×10-7Pa*M3/s

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Product Description

Zero leakage gasket is composed of stainless steel fixed inner and outer ring as well as industrial grade and unclear grade flexible graphite sealing rings which are specialized making. It's one of the most innovative and creative gaskets. Our idea of creative design conforms to occasions which with sudden change of temperature and fluctuation pressure.

Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket
Item no. : RGS620

* Normal pressure: PN≤420 or Class≤2500
* Normal diameter: DN≤600 or NPS≤24
* Sealing Capability: ≤1×10-7Pa*M 3/s
* Temperature: ≤450oC(air-like oxidizing medium);

Typical Applications
"ZERO" leakage gaskets provide the most effective sealing, the most reliable operation and he largest security assurances for middle and high pressure, high temperature or (and) fluctuation temperature, containers with nuclear safety level, equipments, valves, piping flange connecting.
Cooling water, steam, boric acid, air, nitrogen, demineralized water, oil, oxgen, 30% sodium hydroxide solution, and 7% nitric acid solution.

> Conform to ASME, GB, EN, JIS and HG standards as well as the dimension of non-standard raised flange, tongue and groove flange or groove flange.
> Normal thickness: 4.4, 6.6, 10mm and so on.
> Both inner and outer fixed rings are made of 304 and 316L austenitic stainless steel.