Jacketed Graphite Packing

Jacketed Graphite Packing

Product number:RGS P405

Quick Overview: Jacketed Graphite Packing braided from graphite yarns with metal alloy and glass fiber casing like the socks outside. Used in any steam valves applications.

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Product Description

RGS Graph-super® P405-WWM Graphite Packing Similar as RGS P405.
This style graphite packing is braided from graphite yarn with metal alloy wire and glass fiber casing like shell outside.
All-metal coated structures greatly increased the erosion resistant of packing, make packing more compact, more robust, long life.
It is competent to ultra-high temperature, high pressure conditions of the steam valve sealing.

> Electric power plant combustion furnace door;
> Chemical plant high-pressure valve sealing;
> Not suitable for highly oxidizing agents.

Jacketed woven materials: SS304, SS316, Inconel, etc.

Technical Data:

Material External Woven Wire Mesh Cloth Graphite Stuffing
Temperature Range -200 up to +650 oC
-200 up to +950 oC in steam
Process 60 Mpa in valves
PH 3 ~ 13
Density Appr. 1.80 ~ 2.0g/cm3

5kgs/roll, 10kgs/roll.
Or, following your request.

More informations, please contact with us.